About this Project

Sport-fisheries in Texas are a multi-billion dollar industry. Currently, there is limited scientific information available concerning the life history of the Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus).

The overall goal of this project is to determine the migration patterns, basic biological parameters, and habitat use for this species in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico to improve scientific understanding. Determining Dolphinfish basic life history parameters is essential for sustainable fisheries management. Thus, this CSSC research will generate much needed data to increase recreational opportunities and provide valuable information for fishery managers tasked with the challenge of properly managing this world class fishery.

Research Objectives

  • Develop a passive tagging initiative to track movement patterns of Dolphinfish throughout the Gulf of Mexico
  • Determine age-and-growth and diet preferences of Dolphinfish
  • Examine habitat use patterns of Dolphinfish in the Gulf of Mexico