Report a Lionfish Sighting


Follow the link below to the U.S. Geological Survey website where you can file a report.

Lionfish are a small to medium sized reef fish (up to 19 inches) often found on hard structures such as oil rigs, shipwrecks, or jetties. They are reddish brown/white striped in color and possess large ornamental fins with venomous spines. They have a large head and mouth which, along with their cooperative hunting strategies makes them very effective predators of other fishes. Lionfish have become a problem in recent years as they invade coastal and marine ecosystems in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. With few natural predators, they have spread throughout the region, reducing the number of fish, shrimp and crab species as well as degrading reefs.  In areas of high density, they are causing both ecological and economic damage. The spread of lionfish is being closely monitored by state and federal agencies. Help control the spread of invasive lionfish in the Gulf of Mexico by reporting any sightings.